Card Game [2020]

The card deck, composed of questions statements and values, is revealed one card at a time by the performer for the player to respond to with either a YES or NO card. The performer and player sit at a table across from each other and no spoken words are exchanged. The only communication is through the deck of cards. What becomes revealed is a narrative unfolding of what we believe and what we decide to believe with the presence and pressure of active spectators. Throughout the performance we learn about the player’s relationships, if they’re single, are loved, feel helpless, make good choices, or prefer art to safety. Trust is either built or withheld as we learn about their regrets, what kind of choices they make and ultimately what they value.

In adaptation for online streaming platforms, the performer broadcasts a live video of themselves and one willing audience member is chosen to join in by video from their home to participate. These two concurrent video broadcasts will be witnessed by a live stream for online viewers. Card Game is particularly suited to live streaming from remote locations as the form heightens elements of distance and intimacy already at play in the show.

Credits & History

Created by Brian Postalian
This work has been performed by Brian Postalian, Pascal Reiners, and Tobias Macfarlane

APRIL 23, 2020
Online Streaming

Supported by National Theatre School of Canada Art Apart program.

MARCH 5, 2019
Sawdust Collector (Vancouver)

NOVEMBER 17, 2017
611 Alexander Studios (Vancouver)

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