Champion [2018]

A performative gameshow that celebrates our similarities and differences. A projected gameboard of lightboxes reveal categories that audiences choose to sort themselves into how they look, the things they do and what they value. Minorities and Majorities are posed against each other in a playful examination of personal vs social victories.

Credits & History

Created by Re:Current Theatre
Concept and Direction by Brian Postalian
Performed by Tobias Macfarlane, Pascal Reiners, Amanda Sum, Montserrat Videla, & Matt Winter
Dramaturgy by Evan Medd
Stage Management by Kevin Kim
Sound Design by Stefan Nazerevich
Projection Design by Stefan Zubovic
Lighting Design by Celeste English
Costume and Set Design by Megan Chai

MAY 9-12, 2018
SFU Goldcorp Center for the Arts (Vancouver)

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