The Open Artist Share [2014]

Created by and for emerging artists, the Open Artist Share is an initiative to engage with other creators in order to develop, exercise and strengthen our artistic skills in a safe environment. Open to artists of all disciplines, short intimate sessions are led by a series of guest artists who share exercises, skills, and their creative experiences with others. The exchanges range from in-depth workshops on monologue and scene work, touching on themes of failure and intimacy, to an exploration of alternative methods of creation like Viewpoints, Suzuki, and Lecoq. Held on the last Sunday of each month, we created a routine space for creators to attend on a consistent basis.

Credits & History

The Open Artist Share ran from 2014 - 2016.

Previous workshops included:

  • Taking Risks: Monologues (Guest Artist: Brian Postalian)
  • Chekhov Scene Work with a focus on Ivanov (Guest Artist: Ali Richardson)
  • Play & Chemistry (Guest Artist: Hailey Gillis)
  • Building a Routine (Guest Artist: James Graham)
  • Imagining History (Guest Artist: Paolo Santalucia)
  • Puppetry Workshop (Guest Artist: Tyler Seguin)
  • Subtext: Greed, Listening, and Responding (Guest Artist: Sue Miner)
  • "Autumn Burned Brightly" (Guest Artist: Denise Norman)
  • Shaken Up Shakespeare (Guest Artist: Catherine McNally)
  • The Audition: What to do & How to do it (Guest Artist: Ralph Small)
  • Approaches to Physical Theatre (Guest Artists: Cornelia Audrey & Sebastian Samur)

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