Re:Current Theatre Company 2019 performance of HIVE 2019 poster

HIVE 2019 [2019]

Performance Cells distributed around Presentation House Theatre surround a central hub with a bar and social gathering area. Each cell is home to a short, intimate performance piece or art installation repeating intermittently over the course of three hours. Throughout the event, patrons are able to experience each unique offering in whatever order they choose, journeying into 10 mini-worlds: from one-on-one encounters to pop-up pierogi cooking to immersive walkabouts. Organized in no particular viewing order, guests will venture to catch as many performances as they so choose in between gathering in the central hub to meet and socialize. 

HIVE 2019 featured the work of: Ariel Martz-Oberlander, Caroline Sniatynski, Dusty Foot Productions, Julia Siedlanowska, Little Thief Theatre, Re:Current Theatre, rice & beans theatre, star star theatre, The Troika Collective, & unladylike co.

Untitled Project by Re:Current Theatre

An encounter for one audience member and a series of objects. Take with you what you want to carry and leave behind the things you wish would disappear forever. In this intimate performance, audiences experienced a fleeting transcendent moment where we considered our relationship to the objects that define us, even when they aren’t a part of us.

Credits & History

Untitled Project created by Brian Postalian, Pascal Reiners, & Jackie Rowland
Performed by Brian Postalian & Pascal Reiners

JUNE 8, 2019
Magnetic North Theatre Festival / Hive Performance Collective
Presentation House Theatre (North Vancouver)

Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts

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